Slides cover the entire screen

Most screens will send resolution and aspect ratio information to our players to automatically make the output fit. However, older screens or off brand displays might not work as expected.
Firstly, make is that your playlist aspect ratio matches the screen aspect ratio. Most screens have an aspect ratio of 16:9, but you can set a playlist to any aspect ratio when you create a new playlist. (NB: you can’t change the aspect ratio of a playlist after it’s created)

Secondly, try to adjust your screen settings. Grab a remote (if it’s a TV) or use the physical buttons on the display to open its factory menu. Look for over-scan settings and try turning them off. Make sure the aspect ratio and resolution are also correctly set.

Lastly, connect a mouse to your player. Go into settings and press on ‘Screen edges’ to adjust the size. If you have an Android player, go to system settings to further adjust your display size & position.

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