Setup Windows

1. Download our Windows player application

We support Windows 7/8/10. The player works with both 32 & 64 bit operating systems.

Click here to download the player

2. Install it

Installation literally takes 2 clicks. Player will be started right after.

3. Configure auto start

By default we don’t configure windows to launch our player automatically as it is likely that you will first test it on your computer before installing it on a dedicated player.
However when you install it on dedicated player, don’t forget to go to Settings and turn on Launch player on startup option.

4. Sign up and claim the screen

If you don’t have a Play Digital Signage account, create one now! You can pair the screen with your account from the screens page by entering the 6 character pairing code shown by the player. Now you can start publishing content to your new screen!

Play  accepts popular credit cards