Inviting existing users to team

In most cases the people you invite to your team don’t have an account with us, so things will go smoothly. However if they already have an account in our system, their account may have files/screens/playlists that could be lost during team transfer. Therefore we only allow transferring teams for existing users that don’t have any valuable content to lose.

If you want to invite existing user to your team, have them clean up their account so that team transfer can take place. For that following needs to be done in following order:

  1. Remove credit cards from billing page (if any)
  2. Head to profile page and press the clean account button

Once the invitee has cleaned their account, you can invite them to your team.

In certain cases credit cards can not be removed if you have outstanding usage. Contact us in these matters via chat or [email protected]

Play  accepts popular credit cards