Collaborating with teams

Teams will mostly benefit large digital signage installations which cover multiple locations and different people. Working in teams helps you distribute screen management and content creation to other users with various access levels.

Member is the lowest level role in a team, typically they would be designers or people who create content as they can upload files and design playlists.

Admin can do everything that a member can and in addition link screens and manage screen alerts. Admin is typically a person who is responsible for a screen in a physical location.

As the name suggests, the owner is highest ranking role and there can be only one owner per team. Owners have full access to the system, that includes managing billing details.

You’ll find the teams administration page under your profile pane.


Adding members of your team is really easy – Input the name, e-mail, choose a role and press +

creating members in teams

You can edit role on each member simply by clicking the tools icon on the right – Remove the member or change the role on the member of your team.

We still support only sharing out certain playlists to users, if you did not know about it, you can read more in here

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