Playlist plugin: Embed Play Digital Signage Playlists into other Play Digital Signage Playlists

Playlist Plugin

With Playlist Plugin you can embed Play Digital Signage playlists into slides. We call these embedded playlists “sub-playlists” and the playlist that contains sub-playlists is referred to as master playlist. Altogether the functionality is called zoning as you can create zones on your screen that change content individually.


How do I create multiple zones that fill in the master playlist completely?

Check out our article on creating custom zones.

How many levels can the playlists be nested? 

The playlist can be nested to 1 depth level. In other words, this means that the sub-playlist can not have a sub-playlist of it’s own. This is because each instance of a playlist consumes a lot of resources and to also prevent users from creating infinite loops where two playlists reference each other.