Samsung Tizen SmartTV


Samsung’s line of Tizen based smart TVs is growing every year. These SmartTVs are commonly known as TVs built for digital signage and where the player is built-in to the TV itself. This means you only need the TV and no additional hardware.

The TVs are great for most content for digital signage, but as the hardware isn’t the strongest you should not build content based on multiple zones and/or animations, read more in our setup guide.

We don’t recommend positioning more than 1 video on a slide at given time as overlapping videos can cause the videos to render incorrectly.

Slide transition effects (?)
Element animations (?)
Ticker support (?)
Script injection (?)
Screenshot (?)
Touch support (?)
Software controlled display ON/OFF (?)
Remotely disable remote control input to lock down the device (safety lock)
HD Video 
4K Video 
Simple level playlist 
Advanced level playlist 
Zones (One zone) (?)
Zones (Multiple zones) (?)

Samsung Tizen SmartTV 4K approved

Brand: Samsung
Model: Tested on Samsung QM49R (Tizen based)


Tizen 4.0 (SSSP 6.0), 1.6 GB ram, 4.5 GB internal storage (expandable with USB memory stick).