Infinitus imotion G7


imotion G7 can be deployed in the toughest environments while delivering the best visual performance and longest lifetime on the market. Screen size varies from 46″ to 85″, the front is made out of glass, it’s free-standing and it’s certified for outdoor use, fully exposed to the sun and extreme cold. One of the main reasons why the motion G7 performs better than any other outdoor freestanding display is the build-it HVAC unit, making sure the temperature inside the display is always at its optimal.

The screen itself is powered by a shuttle DS10U player running Windows 10 PRO in a complete package from the manufacturer.

Running content on this free-standing display is easy and straight forward. The performance of the player lets you play almost anything, the only thing we found it not being capable of was running advanced zones and some animated content.

Click here to read more about the motion G7 or about the manufacturer.


Slide transition effects (?)
Element animations (?)
Ticker support (?)
Script injection (?)
Screenshot (?)
Touch support (?)
Software controlled display ON/OFF (?)
HD Video 
4K Video 
Simple level playlist 
Advanced level playlist
Zones (One zone) (?)
Zones (Multiple zones) (?)

Microsoft Windows 4K approved
WIFI Ethernet

Brand: Infinitus
Model: Tested on Infinitus imotion G7 (Shuttle DS10U running Windows 10 PRO)


Windows 10 PRO, 4 GB ram, 120 GB internal storage, 1.6 GHz Intel i5, GeForce GTX 1050.