Google Chromecast with Google TV


We’ve been waiting for this for some time now. There is finally a Google Chromecast with local storage suitable for digital signage. 

Testing this media player was fun because the hardware and operating system kept up pretty well. It is also super user-friendly and pulls off most content except element animations, advanced playlists, and advanced zones. However, for the price-point, it is a great option for your digital signage.

WARNING! Due to security measures from Google, you will NOT be able to auto-launch the Chromecast with Google TV.

Slide transition effects (?)
Element animations (?)
Ticker support (?)
Script injection (?)
Screenshot (?)
Touch support (?)
HD Video 
4K Video 
Simple level playlist 
Advanced level playlist 
Zones (One zone) (?)
Zones (Multiple zones) (?)

Brand: Google
Model: ChromeCast with Google TV


Android TV 10 OS, 1.9 ghz., Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU, 2GB ram, 8GB internal storage, Mali G31 MP2 GPU.