10” Android-Based All-In-One Touchscreen


This 10” Android Tablet delivers reliability, responsive touch, and clear HD display designed to survive the rigors of continuous public use for in-store interaction, self-service, corporate, and hospitality environments. It is a great solution for featuring products and services in retail, restaurant, education, among many other possible usages.

This device can be utilized in a number of different applications without sacrificing performance and quality. However, keep in mind that it does not support 4K video, element animations, advanced playlists, or zones. 

Slide transition effects (?)
Element animations (?)
Ticker support (?)
Script injection (?)
Screenshot (?)
Touch support (?)
HD Video 
4K Video 
Simple level playlist 
Advanced level playlist 
Zones (One zone) (?)
Zones (Multiple zones) (?)

Brand: Techland Associates, Inc.
Model: MW-10T 10”


Android 8.1 OS, 1.8 ghz., Quad Core RK3288 A17 CPU, 2GB DDR ram, 16GB internal storage, Mali T764 GPU, POE support.