Import. Design. Schedule. Sync.

Focus on what’s important. With the most advanced digital signage editor
on the web and many more powerful features you won’t need anything else to make things happen.

Your content: at home in the editor.

Design beautiful playlists without leaving our editor.

Manage everything about your screens.

Setup screens in seconds

We’ve made the screen pairing process effortless and intuitive.
Our customers typically go from creating an account to adding a screen in under 1 minute.

Connect screens to your account with ease
Make use of zones and templates

Use zones or template areas

Re-use content and split your screens into zones that function separately from each other.
Choose from our templates or design your own.

Design for any resolution

Portrait, landscape and anything in between. From powering pylons to popular smart TVs, we got you covered.

Pick any resolution
Make use of zones and templates

Set up alerts

Get notified by e-mail when your screens go offline.
Add as many notification recipients as you’d like!

Set up schedules, sit back and relax.

We’ll keep your media files handy

Automatic conversion

You won’t need other software to get your files in.
No matter what image, video or rich text formats you have, chances are that we’ll be able to convert them.

Use any kind of media files - we'll convert them for you

We support: jpg, pdf, m2ts, ttf, mpg, mxf, mts, png, ogg, pptx, jpeg, avi, m4v, key, mpeg, woff, 3g2, dv, svg, mp4, 3gp, 3gpp, mkv, ppt, vob, webm, wmv, flv, gif, mov, swf and are working on even more formats!

With our media library you can re-use media across all your playlists

Always find what you need

Use folders to keep your media files organized, sort, preview or quickly search for what you need.

Slide stash

Store slides for later use.
Stashing slides makes it easy to save, re-use and move your slides between your playlists.

Use any kind of media files - we'll convert them for you

Our player app will keep everything running smooth.

Automatic updates

You won’t have to break a sweat, we’ll keep your players secure, fast and with the latest features.

We'll keep your screen software secure and up-to-date
Publish content to your screens in an instant

Live publishing

Push content to any paired player in an instant.

It works offline too!

After you first publish content, everything is cached so you can
play it even without an internet connection.

Your digital signage screens will keep on displaying content even if they loose internet connection

Use Play Digital Signage anywhere.

Our player is compatible with all major operating systems. No matter what hardware you choose, you’ll be able to use our software.

Amazon FireOS

Not sure which player to get?

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