While you can use any computer that can run the Chrome browser, we recommend that for professional, long-term use you should purchase a well-tested player.


We’re constantly testing new hardware to find the most reliable devices for all scenarios. After many months of testing we’ve had great success with the RKM MK902II (Android Box). It has a good price / quality ratio and it’s our first choice for a player.

See more of our player recommendations below.



We’re working hard to bring support to even more players in the near future. Have a player that you want us to test out? Drop us a line at [email protected].

play. android
Android (box) Game-changing performance, with CPU speeds up to 3x times than the previous generation.


ASUS Chromebox
Chrome OS The ASUS Chromebox is a compact and powerful device delivering good performance at a low price.


Intel Compute Stick (gen 2)
Windows / Linux The Compute Stick is a tiny device that can transform any display into a digital signage player.


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