Member of multiple teams​Multi-team membership

In some cases you might need multiple teams to best manage your organizations screens and their content. Especially larger organizations can benefit using multi-team membership either because of the amount of screens, locations, venues or because they require one team per country.


How does it work?

The general idea is to allow you to be a member of multiple teams. Let’s say you have an organization with a venue in 10 different cities around the United States and you want them to be separated in such way every city manages their own screens, playlists, content and so forth – Using multi-team membership you can have one person create and own all 10 teams and still be able to invite other team members to create and maintain content. As a member of multiple teams, you also have easy access to all the teams and have sole power of the teams billing, members and other administrative stuff.


  • Switch Team (Found in the profile menu) – This is where you choose which team you want to work on. Click Switch team and you’ll see what team you are currently working on and what teams you have access to. Clicking one of the team names will log you in to that team.
  • Create New Team (Found in the menu where you pick a team) – This is where you create a new team, when you click this you can add a name to the team, click Create and that’s how simple it is.


Can i be a member of a team that already exists?

Yes, you can become a member of already existing teams. To do this the owner of the team has to add you as a member of the team. The owner navigates to Teams, then types in a name and an e-mail address and hits the + button. It’s that simple. When added to the team you’ll have access to both your own team and the team that you were added to.

Can I become the owner of an existing team?

Yes, you can become the owner of an existing team – please follow the guide here


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