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Outsourcing your digital signage content creation to a colleague or a third party designer while maintaining the control of your screens and their schedules can be done either by sharing your playlists or by adding them to your team.

Playlist Sharing is commonly used if you don’t want the person to become a part of your team or the person belongs to another team.

You can read more about team here: Collaborating with teams

You can share individual playlists to other people so they can design the slides for these playlists.

You’ll find a sharing button on any of your playlists:

Sharing a playlist

If the e-mail you entered is not a registered user, we will automatically send an e-mail to them inviting them to sign up. After signing up with that e-mail, the user will see the playlist you shared in their playlists section.

You also have an option to give the person permission to publish the changes – do give this permission only if you trust the content they create and do not wish to review any changes made. If you don’t give this permission, you will be notified via e-mail if any changes to the playlist have been made so you can review and publish changes yourself.

Sharing options