Custom ZonesCustom zones

Customs zones are individual sections on your TV. In this guide we show you how to setup the custom zones.

This example is based on custom zones where you have a portrait TV with a resolution for HD. The resolution for the specific TV is 1080 x 1920 (1080 is pixels in the width and 1920 is pixels in the height).

For this custom zones setup we are using a master playlist (This is the playlist that you need to choose in the group) at a resolution of 1080 x 1920, a sub-playlist we call CONTENT at a resolution of 1080 x 1700 and a sub-playlist we call FOOTER at a resolution of 1080 x 220.

For any given setup it’s crucial that the two sub playlists together fit the master playlist area – In this case, the width is 1080 both on the TV, the master playlist and the two sub playlists. The height on the screen and the master playlist is 1920, so the two sub playlists have to fill this area, and it does (1700 + 220 = 1920). Of course, all this depends on how you arrange the areas (Zones) on the master playlist and thereby on the TV.

This is how it’s done.

  2. Give the new playlist a name (Could be “Customer name – Master”)
  3. Click ADVANCED
  4. Enter “1080:1920” in
  5. Click CREATE
  7. Give the new playlist a name (Could be “Customer name – Content”)
  8. Click ADVANCED
  9. Enter “1080:1700” in
  10. Click CREATE
  12. Give the new playlist a name (Could be “Customer name – Footer”)
  13. Click ADVANCED
  14. Enter “1080:220” in
  15. Click CREATE
  16. From the playlist overview click CUSTOMER NAME – CONTENT
  17. From the right, column open slide background color and choose a black color
  18. In the slide overview (Lower section in the editor) click the PENCIL on the one slide present there
  19. In slide settings click PLAY THIS SLIDE FOREVER
  20. Click SAVE
  21. In the upper tools menu click PLAYLIST
  23. Resize the playlist on the canvas so that it fits the width and move it all the way to the top
  24. In the upper tools menu click PLAYLIST
  26. Resize the playlist on the canvas so that it fits the width and move it all the way to the bottom
  27. Click EXIT
  29. Click + CREATE NEW GROUP
  30. Give the group a name (Could be “Customer name”)
  31. Open the dropdown for “Base playlist”
  33. Click CREATE
  34. Add the customer’s screen (Not described here) and move it (Drag n’ drop) to the group you just created.
  35. Click PUBLISH right next to SCHEDULES for the group you just created

When this is done you never have to touch either the group, the screen or the master playlist. (It is IMPORTANT you do not change anything in the master playlist).

All you need to do now is to design the content you want for “Customer name – Content” and “Customer name – Footer”. When you do changes to these playlists you simply hit PUBLISH when you want the screen to update the changes.



My sub-playlists are not nicely formatted?

Zones overview

When you create custom zones one by one manually rather than using a pre-made layout, the system does not know which playlist is a child of which (and also you can include same playlist in several other playlists). Therefore the sub-playlists will not be formatted nicely as in the screenshot above, but do not worry – the formatting is only eye candy, all functionality still remains the same.