Custom FontsCustom Fonts

Custom Fonts are a big part of brand identity. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to upload and use your Custom Fonts in Play Digital Signage content.

We support fonts in .woff.ttf and .otf file format. If your font file is in some other format, you can try using an online font converter (for an example However, beware that on rare occasions converting fonts from one format to another can result in malformed font files.

Our content management system treats fonts as any other files, so simply upload the .woff, .ttf or .otf file to the library. Once the file has been uploaded, you can start using the font in 2 ways:

Assets dialog

By selecting the font from the “Assets” dialog in the editor, a new text element will be created on canvas with that font selected.

Custom fonts via assets dialog

Drop-down selection

When you’ve uploaded your font, all font selection drop-downs will include the uploaded font option appended to the bottom of our default font selection.

Using your custom font