LED Screen

LED ScreenLED screens are the biggest and most amazing screens we find around the world. Cities like New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo and many more go for huge investments in large area screens. Just like any other screen a LED screen needs a player and software to handle the content.

Our software is very well suited if you’re running a LED screen, in addition our software offers several ways of arranging advertising content on your it.

Setting up

I a world of LED screens you will be working with pixel ratio and not aspect ratio or resolution. Our experience is that the best result is achieved if you design your content using the same pixel ratio as the LED screen. (Example: Your LED screen is 512 pixel wide and 218 pixel high, then you need a playlist with the same pixel ratio.

The process of adding a LED screen in Play is the same as any other screen except for a few things.

  • You can’t publish a standard 16:9 playlist to a LED screen, so when your creating your playlist you need to open advanced and input your pixel ratio where is standard says 16:9. If the LED screen is 512 pixel wide and 218 pixel high, you input 512:218. You can read more on creating playlists with custom aspect ratio in our display zones guide.
  • You might need to adjust your screen edges to compensate for graphical translations. If the content is not centered on the LED screen open settings for the player and adjust the screen edges so that they fit perfectly. Depending on the setup you might need to input the pixel ratio in screen edges.

Designing content

It’s important, when your creating content, that you keep all files as small as possible to minimize the resources running the hardware. So let’s say you want to add a background image with a 1920:1080 resolution on a 512:218 screen we do advise you downscale the image, in this example, we would downscale according to the height of the screen and add 20% (512:288 +25% = 640:360).

Also keep in mind white is a no-go for larger areas of your content, you should always avoid white backgrounds and content with very light colors. The reason is that LED’s have a max. output when they are white and max. output is the same as high power consumption, high temperatur, shortened lifespan, etc.