In the editor each object is represented as a layer in theĀ layers tab. You can grab individual objects and drag them higher to bring them in front of other objects.


Why can’t I drag the object to the topmost layer?

Some objects are not part of the ‘canvas’ when playing the slide in the player – often this is because of how web standards work, but in case of a video and ticker plugin, it’s for performance optimization reasons. All the plugins: video, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, website, ticker, playlist and MediaRSS are actually external applications that are positioned exactly over our application. For some plugins like video and tickers you can actually update the setting “Always on top” to “No” if you want to position some elements above them, but beware that performance will likely suffer.

I can’t find object in the canvas

It’s possible to lose objects if you move them off the canvas and release the drag. Fortunately you can center the object by opening the layers tab and pressing the centering button on the element row.

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