Duplicate AccountBilling

Our billing system keeps track of how many screens you have and for how long time those screens have been linked in a billing cycle.

What to expect?

Every first day of month we run our billing for all credit cards customers. We send out a PDF invoice to the recipients you have registered on your accounts billing page. Same day as you receive the our invoice we charge your credit card using Stripe (Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.) Keep in mind, when using a credit card you are post paying for the services for previous month.

If you are not using credit card you will be invoiced every 3, 6 or 12 months. We send out a PDF invoice to the recipients you have registered on your accounts billing page. Payment can be made using a credit card (Go to billing and hit pay), WIRE, Check or International bank transfer.


Only the first screen is free?

Everybody gets one screen for free – that means one screen can be linked to your account at any time. If you wish to try out different platforms, you can remove the screen and link another screen. Starting from second screen, the service costs 18 USD per screen. 

I get the notice “duplicate screen”?

Please read this article: Duplicate Screen

What happens if my card is declined?

When we invoice you, last day of the month, we charge your credit card. If the payment does not go through we try again on the 3. day and then again on the 6. day. If none of the attempts worked we will reach out to you to resolve the issue. If the issue does not get resolved we block the account and remove any screens added to the account.

Do you charge me if my screens are in the Standby group?

Our system invoice the number of linked screens, so if you have 10 linked screens we invoice you 9 screens (One if free). Keep in mind that even though your screen is in the Standby group it’s still linked and we will invoice the screen. Same goes for screens that are offline, if the the screen is linked to your account we will invoice it or them.

How do I suspend invoicing?

You need to delete a screen to remove it from your invoicing. Keep in mind that we charge per the hour, so if you remove a screen half way in a month we only charge half a month. More about pricing: Charged per hour

My screens have been offline for month, can you credit me?

You should know that all screens linked to your account will be invoiced, even though your screens are offline. It is your responsibility to make sure the invoice is sent to the appropriate recipients and that there is actions taken on the invoices we send out. You are always welcome to reach out at [email protected], but we usually do not credit screens already invoiced.