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Duplicate Account

Duplicate account means we can’t offer you a free screen. Our system scans account for similarities on a daily basis, so if you see the “Duplicate Account” message when you log in it means our system has linked your account to another account already having free screens. And as you know, we only allow one free screen per organization.

If you do not agree?

Sometimes our system can be a bit aggressive and we might mark your account as a Duplicate Account just to make sure. If you do not agree with our decision you need to contact us on our LIVE CHAT or send us an e-mail. When doing so you need to explain why you think we made a wrong decision. The first thing we look at is similarities in your content and your corporation name, address, etc., so make sure all information on your billing page has been updated before contacting us.


I have no idea why you link my account to someone else.

The reason why could be you’ve created an account in the past, perhaps you forgot about it? It could also be that you work from a shared office facility and one or more other corporations there are using Play. 

My wife has an account as do I.

One organization includes a family too, so you could say one free screen per household also. Keep in mind that even so you and your wife have two corporations we can only offer you one free screen.

I have created multiple accounts by mistake.

Okay, no problem. You can easily delete those accounts you don’t need. When done contact us and tell us what account you want as the primary account so that we can move the free screen to that account.