Azulle Byte4

The Azulle Byte4 is a Windows-based media player in a professional package, which is also why the price tag is a bit higher than most entry-level media players. It’s fanless and has lots of options. You can use a dual antenna WIFI connectivity or you can use a network cable. The Azulle Byte4 is not capable of running advanced animations or zones, but it will run almost anything else perfectly!

What does the manufacturer say about their Azulle Byte4?

The Byte4 Pro is strategically designed for multitasking and powerful next-level performance. It’s powered by an Intel Gemini Lake processor and equipped with a full range of connectivity options such as dual-band Wi-Fi, an ethernet port, a USB-C port, USB-3 ports, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort, and a VGA Port. Users can connect the Byte4 Essential to screen displays and enjoy the infinite possibilities of operating a Linux or Chrome operating system with a video output of 4K at 60FPS, and audio output of 3.5mm. This Byte4 mini PC is the lightweight winner of compact, reliable, cost-effective, and high-speed technology for both home and business use. Paired with an all-in-one remote control, experience total control over all devices connected to your display. This solution is ideal for video conferencing, digital signage, streaming and much more.

Slide transition effects (?) Intel NUC ICON YES
Element animations (?) ICON Somewhat
Ticker support (?) Intel NUC ICON YES
Script injection (?) Intel NUC ICON YES
Screenshot (?) Intel NUC ICON YES
Touch support (?) Intel NUC ICON YES
HD Video ICON Somewhat
4K Video Intel NUC ICON YES
Simple level playlist Intel NUC ICON YES
Advanced level playlist ICON Somewhat
Zones (One zone) (?) ICON Somewhat
Zones (Multiple zones) (?) ICON NO
Ethernet Intel NUC ICON YES
Fan-less Intel NUC ICON YES

Brand: Azulle
Model: Byte7 Gemini Lake 41-series 4GB/64GB

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Windows 10 PRO OS, Intel Gemini Lake R N & J Series / Apollo Lake J/N Series CPU, 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics.

Intel NUC Microsoft Windows Intel NUC Touch
Intel NUC Wireless Intel NUC Ethernet
Intel NUC 4K approved